Adam_LevineImprove Vocal Range. So many times, when working with students in a lesson,  we are able to develop connection in their voice. But because these singers are so used to the feel of pushing and reaching for notes, it’s hard to get them to stop straining their voice and pushing chest voice into the vocal bridges. We like to create mental images to help our students visualize their voice and stop pushing and pulling their chest voice up or down. Creating the visualization of a relaxed voice in the correct position can help many singers remain relaxed and connect their voice through the bridges. We do this with three basic visualizations that you too can apply when singing to create a mix voice, and not cause strain or fatigue.

  1. Keep Your Head Still. Some singers tend to lift their chin up as they gravitate toward higher notes. Instead of thinking you are singing up to a high note, imagine you are singing down to the high note. You can even think right and left, like a piano keyboard; high note to the right, low note to the left. Always remember your head should stay in the position of standing straight in a natural stance. Your chin going to your chest or chin up toward the ceiling is a bad habit!
  2. Sing Through The Hole In The Back of Your Neck. Instead of pushing sound forward out your mouth, imagine a hole in the back of you neck and the sound is going out that hole to someone behind you are singing to. This imagery helps the singer keep the pharyngeal cavity open and relaxed to create a nice resonance.
  3. Compress Air With Your Vocal Cords. Think of singing like your vocal cords are holding air back, rather than pushing air out. I love the lit candle mental image. Take any vowel sound and imagine a lit candle is in front of your mouth. You want to hold a comfortable pitch on a vowel, while not blowing the candle out.

Applying these visualization techniques when singing can greatly reduce vocal strain and fatigue while expanding range, and helping your vocal cords to become and stay connected.