open and closed vocal chordsIn order to truly connect your vocal range from top to bottom, you must have a deep understanding of your chest voice and head voice. This is very important for singing on the level of speech. You, the singer, must firmly be established in chest when below your first bridge. Then you begin lightening up and narrowing through your bridges after chest to connect and have an expanded singing range. As you move up in your vocal range, you use less air, sing lighter and don’t push to connect through the bridges.

Speech level singing requires your voice to be relaxed and connected. Every singer struggles with different parts of developing their voice. Some singers have not discovered their chest voice. Some singers have no understanding of how to narrow and lighten into their head voice. Either way, training with an educated teacher that can demonstrate these things in their own voice is the first step. Training on your own has some success, but an outside set of ears listening and watching you is important when developing.

Again I caution you, find a speech level singing teacher that can demonstrate these things.

  1. Chest voice
  2. Head voice
  3. Mixed voice
  4. Bridge areas
  5. Explain clearly how you can develop these techniques!

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Joe Genuardi

Joe Genuardi is a master vocal technician in Central Florida and performs voice lessons in and around Central Florida, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area.