20120624-172622.jpgOne of the most important topics for maintaining your voice is a regular warm down after a performance or rehearsal. The warm down is an area in training and maintaining your voice that lacks attention in the vocal world. I think of it this way, after most aerobic exercises you always do a cool down and stretch for many reasons, but most importantly you don’t want to stiffen up. I have found that a proper warm down vocally after every performance, rehearsal and even just vocal training helps you wake up the next day with a smoother, more flexible , and clearer voice. No one likes to warm down, because it is time consuming , and after a gig you want to shut up or even worse party.

The warm down is so important, treat your voice like an athlete treats their body and you will see, hear and feel the difference.

Because our technique the True Connected Voice is largely based with working singer that have heavy performance demands, the warm down is an area of great importances to us. I have found over many years of educating and training singers and also performing 5 to 10 shows per week myself, the warm down made the difference for the day after. Not to mention if you regularly warm down after singing, the warm up for the next performance goes a lot quicker.

Look for our warm down program as a must have for the working vocalist.

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