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Signs of Bad Vocal Techique

Joe explains some of the tell tale signs of bad vocal technique and what to avoid.

Some of the key things to watch for yourself doing to avoid using bad vocal technique are explained in this video. Creating an awareness of some of these signs can help provide a longevity for your voice. Eliminate vocal fatigue and strain using these tips.

•Avoid mashing your chin into your chest.

•Keep track of the positioning of your larynx. Don’t let your larynx drop.

•Avoid breathy sounds by forcing air.

•Keep the muscles in your face, neck and chest relaxed. The more strain you put on your body, the more strain your voice takes.


Joe Genuardi is a vocal instructor in Central Florida and performs voice lessons in and around Central Florida, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area.

Proper Breathing Technique for Singers

In this video, Joe explains how to breathe with proper technique to give your vocal cords what it needs to produce sound.

The misconception many singers have is you have to push and over emphasize the use of a breathing muscle for support. The truth is, your vocal cords do not need much to create a nice sounding tone.

Pay attention to some of the keys Joe talks about in this video, in particular, the “singing with a candle in front of your voice” and “how babies breathe.”