Loving Your Chest Voice

Your chest voice and your head voice are two of many areas you are able to sing in. A lot of men tend to love to stay in their chest voice, while many women prefer singing in their head voice only. Listen as Joe explains why it’s important to mix both...

Muscle Memory

In this video, Joe Genuardi explains the importance muscle memory, and training your singing muscles. If you have been singing for a long time, like many of us, you may have developed some singing habits that cause strain on your voice. Using the True Connected Voice...

Vocal Compression

In this video Joe Genuardi explains how vocal compression works. Vocal compression is the idea of holding air back when you sing. Your voice does not need extreme amounts of air to sing higher. It cut actually needs less air. When you zip up your vocal folds, the...


In this video, Joe explains how vibrations work in your voice, and different vocal registers.


In this video, Joe Genuardi gives a full demonstration of how vocal bridges work.