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Loving Your Chest Voice

Your chest voice and your head voice are two of many areas you are able to sing in. A lot of men tend to love to stay in their chest voice, while many women prefer singing in their head voice only. Listen as Joe explains why it’s important to mix both voices.

Technique vs. Style Approach To Singing

A common area of concern with new students is how technique will affect their current singing style. “As I gain technique, will I lose my personality or style?” In the True Connected Voice method, we do not teach style or personality. The key is good technique. Good vocal technique equals good vocal performance. The best way I can think of to erase this concern of losing your personality in your voice by developing your technique, is trying to relate an example with an instrument.

When you sit in front of a piano and you have 88 notes to play , a teacher can show you how to play these notes , then as an artist, you decide how to perform and stylisticly play these notes in what combinations and what feel.

In training your voice with this technique, you will absolutely expand your range , your flexibility , your consistency and develop your tone. So where you once only had a few notes to pick from in your vocal range, with training you will now have octives of range with ease and connection . After this development, you can sing in any style you wish in a healthy and connected voice.

At the True Connected Voice we are always available for one on one training and lessons, weather via Skype or if you are in Tampa FL, Orlando FL, or any of the surrounding Central Florida areas contact us today and unlock the true potential of your singing voice.



Joe Genuardi is a vocal instructor in Central Florida and performs voice lessons in and around Central Florida, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area.

Connecting The Voice Through The Bridge

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When I perform, and I am taking on a song that has a lot of range in it, I get this amazing feeling when I am truly connected and in my mix with balance. My voice has this little part of sound that is consistent through my whole range when connecting happens correctly. I compare the mixed feeling of singing, to a circus tightrope walker. It’s like balancing on a rope and walking, and when it’s right, you just balance through the range of the music you are singing.

This balanced feeling in my voice, is so easy and full sounding, and it’s such a contrast from my singing many years ago, before connecting my voice. Before learning how to connect, I tried to muscle my way through different ranges. That little bit of weight that carries through my sound now, in my mix, from my chest to my head voice, is so magical. It is all a feel, not a listening thing. The little bit of weight connects the bridges, and I feel it inside my body, and then the notes resonant in my head and chest. When the balance is right, I can hold a note or sing a line forever, air is plentiful. This feeling of balance, is in the contrast also of when I was trying to muscle my way through my voice many years ago. I never had enough air.

When you first experience this balance feeling while singing, and that little bit of weight connecting, the balance might go away, and then you might find it again later, but like a tightrope walker, the more you find it and balance correctly, the better you get at it. I think it is very important to say, no one sings everything perfect. The more we train, the better our ability becomes and the more consistent our singing will become.

Joe Genuardi

Joe Genuardi is a vocal instructor in Central Florida and performs voice lessons in and around Central Florida, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area.

Muscle Memory

In this video, Joe Genuardi explains the importance muscle memory, and training your singing muscles.
If you have been singing for a long time, like many of us, you may have developed some singing habits that cause strain on your voice. Using the True Connected Voice method, training your vocal cords will improve your singing quality by developing muscle memory.

The concept of muscle memory is when you condition your voice to sing in the True Connected Voice style, your singing muscles will adapt and be conditioned over time to automatically shape and move in a way that maximizes your vocal quality.

Muscle memory can be developed by a series of exercises that we will train you with. These exercises are easy to learn and practice. This method will develop you into a singer that sings freely, with no strain and pure tone all while maintaining a healthy voice.