Muscle Memory

In this video, Joe Genuardi explains the importance muscle memory, and training your singing muscles. If you have been singing for a long time, like many of us, you may have developed some singing habits that cause strain on your voice. Using the True Connected Voice...

Vocal Compression

In this video Joe Genuardi explains how vocal compression works. Vocal compression is the idea of holding air back when you sing. Your voice does not need extreme amounts of air to sing higher. It cut actually needs less air. When you zip up your vocal folds, the...


In this video, Joe explains how vibrations work in your voice, and different vocal registers.


In this video, Joe Genuardi gives a full demonstration of how vocal bridges work.

Proper Breathing Technique for Singers

In this video, Joe explains how to breathe with proper technique to give your vocal cords what it needs to produce sound. The misconception many singers have is you have to push and over emphasize the use of a breathing muscle for support. The truth is, your vocal...