voice vibratoTo truly free your voice and develop voice vibrato you must find the natural spin of vibrato. Vibrato is one of the vocal characteristics that is so often thought to be a gift or something that comes with age. But vibrato is merely just your voice free of any strain or stretch. There are exercises that help you find and develop your vibrato. Here are a few quick tips when it comes to starting to develop voice vibrato.

  • If you have no vibrato on a sustained note, your voice is probably muscled up. “Muscled up” means, you are using other muscles not needed for singing.
  • Singers with no vibrato on sustained pitches tend to sound off key, mostly sharp at times.
  • You should feel no tighten under you chin when holding vibrato.
  • Vibrato can be faked, but it usually involves stomach muscles or swallowing muscle not needed for singing, and this is not freeing your voice to it true potential! This kind of fake vibrato also sounds unpleasing and off pitch a lot to the listener.
  • In the true spin of vibrato the pitch goes all around the centered pitch, but mostly heard above the pitch about a full step and back to the intended pitch in a spinning sound and sensation.

If you practice and visualize keeping your voice relaxed when you sing, and not pushing to reach high notes, your vibrato will come out naturally. The feeling you get when you sing with correct vibrato will be the beginning of the voice you have always dreamed of. Let it come naturally!

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