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My 2013 Personal Progress Update

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As 2013 winds up, and we get close to the second month of the year, I thought I would just share some of my experiences with my new singing voice! True Connected Voice has enabled me to widen my singing range, and develop a longer lasting voice. I have been experimenting with my own voice almost every day, especially on singing days.

I sing and play piano at a very well known night club located at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, FL. I am very blessed to live in a humid climate. My voice loves the heat and the humidity. I also have been able to get very good cardiovascular exercise in the nice Orlando weather, which greatly helps my vocals.

I have noticed some big changes with my singing voice over the last several months and I would like to share what these changes have been.

1. Larger Range

This seems like a no brainer. If you practice singing, you are likely to get a wider vocal range. However, when I started working with Joe and training my voice, my range was somewhere around 3 octaves. I am now able to sing 5 octaves. I never sing in my full range, but when I practice exercises and warm up my voice, I am able to connect from a low male C to a high female C. This wider range also makes it easier for me to sing comfortably in my baritone range, where my voice sounds the best.

2. Less Vocal Fatigue

I sing five night per week. You can imagine that singing that often can cause your voice to wear out. I use to be toast after only a few night of singing. I have had to handle more than seven nights in a row many times over the past few months, and I am happy to say that warming up, singing connected, and warming down has made it possible for me to sing with less vocal fatigue. Recover time is shortened and I feel great all week when singing multiple nights in a row.

3. Feeling Connected

There have been many times when I have felt that true sense of being connected. I still feel my vocal muscles and neck muscle moving around. However, last night, for a moment, I was able to feel completely relaxed in my singing voice and felt no tension! It was amazing to say the least! I am now determined to find that ultimate feeling of relaxation in my voice.

4. Confidence

When you start singing connected on a regular basis, your confidence shoots through the roof. I often find myself focusing more on my creativity in music, and getting emotional with my songs, representing to artist in me. That all stems from not being self-conscious about my singing voice. The voices that let doubt creep into my mind when I perform have vanished.

5. Vocal Health and Overall Health

Since I am no longer waking with with a sore voice, I am not sitting around all day trying to repair it. Maintaining good quality vocal health let’s me focus more on being productive during the day and enhancing my overall health. I have been able to spend more time working out, eating better, getting proper sleep and work on this website. I have the advantage of learning the method before I teach it, yet still promoting our efforts. This has been a great journey so far, and I am pleased to share it with all of you. So thank you for supporting us in our efforts.

To sum up, I really feel that I have come leaps and bounds with my singing voice, and this all started around 7 months ago. I sang at my own wedding, and my voice sounded fantastic. Having several days of vocal rest before was helpful. I am feeling very grateful for the fact that I have been blessed with an amazing gift, and I am able to share it in new and incredible ways. I’ve never considered myself a good singer, until last night. I know I still have a long road ahead of me, yet I am very satisfied at the results I have been seeing.

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John Kenney is a musician in Central Florida and is training to become a certified vocal instructor.

Signs of Bad Vocal Techique

Joe explains some of the tell tale signs of bad vocal technique and what to avoid.

Some of the key things to watch for yourself doing to avoid using bad vocal technique are explained in this video. Creating an awareness of some of these signs can help provide a longevity for your voice. Eliminate vocal fatigue and strain using these tips.

•Avoid mashing your chin into your chest.

•Keep track of the positioning of your larynx. Don’t let your larynx drop.

•Avoid breathy sounds by forcing air.

•Keep the muscles in your face, neck and chest relaxed. The more strain you put on your body, the more strain your voice takes.


Joe Genuardi is a vocal instructor in Central Florida and performs voice lessons in and around Central Florida, Orlando, and the Tampa Bay area.

Loving Your Chest Voice

Your chest voice and your head voice are two of many areas you are able to sing in. A lot of men tend to love to stay in their chest voice, while many women prefer singing in their head voice only. Listen as Joe explains why it’s important to mix both voices.

Muscle Memory

In this video, Joe Genuardi explains the importance muscle memory, and training your singing muscles.
If you have been singing for a long time, like many of us, you may have developed some singing habits that cause strain on your voice. Using the True Connected Voice method, training your vocal cords will improve your singing quality by developing muscle memory.

The concept of muscle memory is when you condition your voice to sing in the True Connected Voice style, your singing muscles will adapt and be conditioned over time to automatically shape and move in a way that maximizes your vocal quality.

Muscle memory can be developed by a series of exercises that we will train you with. These exercises are easy to learn and practice. This method will develop you into a singer that sings freely, with no strain and pure tone all while maintaining a healthy voice.