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Our blog is full of vocal tips and helpful articles that will keep you motivated and moving in the right direction.

We’re happy to provide these resources for free, and you will find a lot of free resources available. However, they are best put to use when they are practiced with a certified vocal coach who will ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly, as well as formulate a personal plan that will focus on the exercises that will help you the most.

Voice Lessons Orlando, Central Florida and Tampa Bay

Voice Lessons Orlando We offer voice lessons Orlando! We are based out of Orlando, FL, but we do serve the entire area of central Florida, Tampa Bay and Orlando. We also provide voice lessons online. We have videos and tutorials on our site to get you started, but we... read more

Freeing Your Voice To Develop Voice Vibrato

To truly free your voice and develop voice vibrato you must find the natural spin of vibrato. Vibrato is one of the vocal characteristics that is so often thought to be a gift or something that comes with age. But vibrato is merely just your voice free of any strain... read more

How To Practice Singing While Performing Live

How to practice singing while performing is a fun way to develop your voice. As a full time musician, it’s hard to find the right time to practice my vocal exercises. I rely on my music career to keep my income coming. I can’t afford to take months off at... read more

Using Imagery To Improve Vocal Range

Improve Vocal Range. So many times, when working with students in a lesson,  we are able to develop connection in their voice. But because these singers are so used to the feel of pushing and reaching for notes, it’s hard to get them to stop straining their... read more

Singing Connected After Mastering Vocal Exercises

So you mastered singing exercises with different vowel sounds. You’ve managed to perfect the lip or tongue rolls or one of the many other sounds we use to develop connection in your voice. Now all you can do is ask yourself “how do I sing songs with... read more

Truly Connecting Your Voice

In order to truly connect your vocal range from top to bottom, you must have a deep understanding of your chest voice and head voice. This is very important for singing on the level of speech. You, the singer, must firmly be established in chest when below your first... read more

Training and Retraining Your Voice

Everyone knows when it comes to entertainment, practice and training is necessary to become a better and more versatile musician. But in the world of singing, so few singers seek good training, until things go wrong. Some examples of things that can go wrong with a... read more

Training as a Vocal Athlete: How To Be A Singing Star

[fbshare type=”button”]    How To Be A Singing Star As a singer- especially if you sing regularly or professionally- it is important to adopt a specific mindset. The mindset of an athlete that is training for a marathon, the Iron Man competition or... read more

My 2013 Personal Progress Update

[fbshare type=”button”]     As 2013 winds up, and we get close to the second month of the year, I thought I would just share some of my experiences with my new singing voice! True Connected Voice has enabled me to widen my singing range, and... read more

Vocal Warm Up- Warm Up Your Voice Without a Piano

Vocal Warm Up We have just released our newest audio program, “Warm Up Your Voice Without A Piano.” This is a great vocal warm up. This program is designed to give you the tools and steps you need to take to warm up your voice without using any kind... read more