Patience is a virtue. When conditioning your vocals it is important to remain patient and consistent during your practice. Many people do not remain patient and consistent when practicing singing and end up doing more damage than good. When conditioning your voice to success it is important to remember to avoid certain habits in order to get the most out of your singing voice. Here are five things you should avoid when conditioning your vocals.

1. Over singing. Over singing is the act of singing too much over given amount of time. Oversinging can lead to vocal fatigue. Rest your vocal muscles adequately in order to get the most out of your practice.

2. Over powering. Overpowering your voice, or pushing your voice to reach notes can lead to vocal muscle damage. If you overpower your voice, your vocal muscles will need more time to rest thus prolonging your practice.

3. Improper Practice. You’ve heard practice makes perfect. Well actually, perfect practice makes perfect. The technique we teach is designed to strengthen and condition the vocal muscles to sing effortlessly and easily. It is important to use this technique when practicing your vocals. Singing with improper technique will lead to poor vocals, vocal fatigue, and damage to the voice.

4. Inadequate Vocal Rest. Prolonged practiced can lead to a buildup in mucus, vocal fatigue, vocal damage, and lack of singing confidence. It is important to rest the voice at least two days per week. Practice time can range between 20-60 minutes for best results. If you are practicing correctly, you can practice more often.

5. Failure to Remain Consistent. It’s easy to give up on your vocal practice after doing it for some time. It isn’t until you really need the technique on the performance night that you actually miss the rehearsal. So remain consistent in your practice and do not give up. Do not stop practicing your vocals. Vocal exercises are designed for conditioning the voice on a regular basis.

Overall, maintaining good vocal practice will lead to the conditioning of your voice. This conditioning will provide the most success you will have in your singing. And this will also allow you to unlock your true singing potential.

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John Kenney


John Kenney is a musician in Central Florida and is training to become a certified vocal instructor.