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Proper Breathing Technique for Singers

In this video, Joe explains how to breathe with proper technique to give your vocal cords what it needs to produce sound.

The misconception many singers have is you have to push and over emphasize the use of a breathing muscle for support. The truth is, your vocal cords do not need much to create a nice sounding tone.

Pay attention to some of the keys Joe talks about in this video, in particular, the “singing with a candle in front of your voice” and “how babies breathe.”

How The Voice Works: Video and Diagram

how the voice worksHow The Voice Works

The voice is simply made up of two pieces of flesh, made up of tissue, like a muscle. Understanding how the voice works is important as a singer. The illustration on the left shows where your true vocal cords are.

Vocal cords or vocal folds, vibrate when air passes over them, producing a sound. If you place two fingers in the middle of your neck, locating your Adam’s apple, you will find the voice box.

You can feel the vibration the vocal folds makes when you say your name. Speak your name. This is the ideal placement for your voice box.

Keep your fingers on your voice box. Now swallow. You’ll notice your voice box shift upward and then return to it’s starting location.

Now yawn. Your voice box drops, the returns to its normal position. This position of a relaxed voice box is where the term “speech level singing” comes from. This is where your voice wants to remain. Your vocal folds like to be in a relaxed position. If you raise or lower your voice box, you will cause strain on your voice.

In the video, Joe Genuardi explains how the voice works in further detail. Understanding how your voice works is the first thing you need to find your true singing potential. Joe Genuardi teaches advanced voice lessons in Orlando, Florida.